At APS, we do everything possible to achieve the maximum in customer satisfaction.

We do so by:

  • Registering everyone even if required information is not complete and working with employers to obtain necessary information.
  • Brochures to all new active participants as well as a copy of the national pension fund ordinance (the so-called “pensioenregelement”)
  • Annual overview of accrued pension benefits for all active participants
  • Annual overview of registered data in APS’ administration of all active participants
  • Statement of accrued pension benefits when an active participant is no longer employed
  • Letter to active participants and retirees three months prior to retirement to inform them of the procedure to request their pension benefits
  • Payment on the 20th of each month or the first work day following, if the 20th does not fall on a normal workday.
  • Regular information sessions on various subjects i.e. pension plan, budgeting, taxes