Registering to become an APS participant

The pension fund ordinance stipulates the conditions to be met in order for an employee to qualify for participation in the :


  • longer than six months employed
  • in service of an employer in compliance with the national pension ordinance for civil servants (PLvO) articles 4 or 5
  • registered as a participant by the employer
  • having completed a physical examination required for employment (if needed).

In order to start the registration process, a registration form must be completed for each employee. Forms can be downloaded from our website, emailed to you or a hard copy can be picked up at APS offices.

A completed registration form should be submitted to APS via the employer. These can be scanned and emailed to APS or hard copies submitted to our office.

Along with the form, the following documents should be submitted as well:


  • copy of valid passport or ID card;
  • copy of “besluit” or labor contract on which entitlement is based;
  • copy of medical evaluation report;
  • copy of “uitgebreid basis uittreksel” from the Census office.

Once a registration has been processed by APS, the new participant will receive an “Intreebericht” confirming registration and participation. This “Intreebericht” will be sent to the participant via the employer.

Employers with (some) personnel who participate in the APS fund are:


  • Government of Sint Maarten,
  • Foundation for Academic and Vocational Education,
  • Stichting Katholiek Onderwijs,
  • MethModist Agogic Centre Foundation,
  • Stichting Protestant Christelijk Onderwijs,
  • SVOBE,
  • SXM seventh Day Advenstis Education Found.,
  • Philpsburg Jubilee Library,
  • Princess Juliana International Airport,
  • Postal Services St. Maarten,
  • Nieuwe Post Nederlandse Antillen N.V.,
  • Analytisch Diagnostisch Centrum N.V.,
  • Sint Maarten Harbour Group of Companies,
  • St. Maarten Laboratory Services,
  • Bureau Telecommunicatie en Post St. Maarten,
  • Bureau for Intellectual Property,
  • Telem Group of Companies,
  • United Telecommunication Services,
  • Centrale Bank van Cur. & SXM,
  • Sociale & Ziektekosten Verzekeringen,
  • Algemeen Pensioenfonds St. Maarten,
  • Leden van de Staten,
  • Raad van Advies,
  • Sociaal Economische Raad,
  • Kabinet van de Gouverneur Sint Maarten,
  • Algemene Rekenkamer,
  • Ombudsman,
  • Raad voor de Rechtshandhaving,
  • Vertegenwoordiging van Nederland op St. Maarten


Years of service with any of these employers can contribute to your APS pension.