APS is often looking for investment opportunities on Sint Maarten, Curacao and other locations throughout the region. Each investment opportunity is unique and requires thorough review.
An investment committee advises the APS board of directors on how to invest monies. APS advocates the achieving of the highest possible returns through prudent investments of the fund’s assets.
Pension fund participants and stakeholders can rest assure that careful consideration is given to each investment opportunity, in order to safeguard payment of future pensions.
Potential investors are invited to go to the download section for an overview of minimum criteria for local investment opportunities. Also included with the download is a checklist with information required for potential investment.

APS investment goals

The objective of APS is to provide participants with pension benefits as required by the national pension ordinance for civil servants (or pensioenlandsverordening overheidsdienaren – PB 1997, no. 312).
We do this through a carefully planned and executed investment program, which is designed to safeguard the pension capital and generate a minimum rate of return on the long term in order to ensure that your pension benefits can be paid to you, when the time arises.

Diversification is key

Most people would agree that it is not wise to put all of one’s eggs in one basket.
The APS approach to investing your funds is no different. We attempt to spread our investments as much as possible in order to limit our risks.
We currently have investments in a number of countries – amongst which Sint Maarten and Curacao, in different industries and organizations, in stocks, loans, real estate and other types of asset classes.

Policy & Regulations

All APS investments are governed by our Board approved investment policy. The policy outlines what types of investments are allowed and under which conditions they must take place.

APS is also subject to regulations of the government of Sint Maarten and the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten. Some of these dictate:
• where funds can be invested;
• the maximum amount of funds that can be invested internationally and
• in what type of asset classes funds may be invested.

Investment decision procedure

The APS Board makes all investment decisions after receiving advice from the APS organization and the Investment Committee.

Local investments

Local investment opportunities are analyzed by an APS professional. The investment analyst reviews the investment opportunity from a number of perspectives (business sense, financial, governance, legal, etc.) as well as the fit with the APS investment objective and APS investment policy.
A report with the results of the analysis and a conclusion is prepared for the Board.

International investments

APS has contracted a third party advisor who manages APS’ international portfolio. Within a given mandate, the advisor selects investment managers who purchase securities on our behalf.
Each decision to hire or fire an investment manager lies with the Board.

All investment decisions are, ultimately, made with the goal of safeguarding pension benefits.

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