The files below are meant to provide some insight into the legislation and regulation that form the legal framework within which APS operates.

Landsverordening Algemeen Pensioenfonds Sint Maarten (AB 2010, no. 64)

This ordinance (AB 2010, no. 64) is the legal basis for APS’ existence. It regulates APS’ status as a public entity.

Pensioenlandsverordening Overheidsdienaren (PB 1997, no. 312)

This is the ordinance that APS is formally charged with executing. It forms the basis of the pension plan that APS offers to participants. The ordinance went into effect as of January 1, 1998. This ordinance is applicable to all persons who entered the former APNA fund after this date. Special provisions are made for persons who entered the fund before 1998. These provisions are regulated in the transitory articles – articles 98 and further.

Lv Pensioenlandsverordening overheidsdienaren AB 2013 GT. No. 785:

This “landsveroderinging” came into effect on 10-10-10 and replaces the PB 1997 No. 312 Pensioenlandsverordening overheidsdienaren.

Duurtetoeslagregeling gepensioneerden 1943

This disposition regulates a supplement to the pension for participants who entered the fund before 1998. It also regulates an allowance for minor children (younger than 18 years) or children of age that are studying (through the age of 25).

Landsbesluit Afkoop pensioen overheidsdienaren

This resolution regulates the lump sum payout of a senior’s pension benefit when it is below a specific amount (as stated in the resolution).

Landsbesluit Inkoop diensttijd overheidsdienaren

This resolution provides further specification on how participants in the pension fund can “buy back” previous years of service so that they count towards the senior’s pension.

Landsbesluit Geneeskundig onderzoek overheidsdienaren

This resolution provides further specification on the evaluation that is required in order to determine whether a participant can lay claim to disability pension benefits.

Onderlinge Regeling Rechtsopvolging en boedelscheiding APNA

This regulation indicates how the assets and liabilities of the former Algemeen Pensioenfonds Nederlandse Antillen (APNA) are to be divided.