Who is entitled to disability pension?

APS may pay benefits to people who cannot work because they have developed a physical or mental condition that is expected to be permanent. All participants over the age of 25 years are entitled to a disability pension once they meet specific criteria.

Who decides if I am disabled?

Initially your employer’s occupational therapist (“bedrijfsarts”) might run a number of tests and provide a diagnosis. Based on this initial diagnosis an independent local committee of three doctors will review your case and determine your eligibility to a disability pension.
Aspects to be considered are:

  • What your condition is and when it began
  • How your medical condition limits your activities
  • Whether you are able to do the work you did before
  • Whether you can do any other type of work
  • What treatment, if any, you have received

The aforementioned committee of medical doctors provides APS with their opinion regarding your (dis)ability.

When do I receive a disability pension?

APS strives to ensure that you receive your first disability pension benefit, the month following the receipt of the last salary from your employer. Whilst it is the intention to not have you go any period of time without income, there are a number of steps that need to be followed in the processing of your disability pension request.
You can contribute to a speedier processing of the request by ensuring you cooperate with the evaluation by the committee of medical doctors.

How do I apply for disability pension?

You can request disability pension benefits yourself or your employer may request them on your behalf.
An application form will need to be filled out and signed by you. This is submitted to APS along with a copy of your ID and the opinion of our employer’s occupational therapist. APS also requires your dismissal letter or decree (“ontslagbesluit”) before actually making a payment to you.

What happens after my disability pension request is submitted?

APS contacts you to explain the procedure. You are responsible for setting up your appointment to visit the committee of medical doctors. Once APS receives their opinion, we proceed to calculate how much you are entitled to in disability pension. This is dependent on the average of your annual salary over the previous two years.
You will receive a resolution (“toekenningsbesluit”) informing you, amongst others, of the amount of your benefit and the starting date of your disability benefits.

How is payment of disability pension made?

To receive your pension payment, it is important that you keep a bank account. All pension benefits are transferred to a local bank account of your choice and in your name. If you reside in the Netherlands, you will require an ING bank account.