Who is entitled to orphan’s pension?

If a participant passes away leaving behind dependents of twenty-one (21) years of age or younger, the dependents are entitled to pension benefits. If the dependent is studying or has a physical or mental disability, he /she may be entitled to collect benefits through the age of twenty five (25) years.

Can children that are not legally recognized receive an orphan’s pension?

An important condition for an orphan child to receive orphan’s pension, is that he/she must be a legally acknowledged child. So-called ‘outside children’ are not entitled to receiving an orphan’s pension.

Considered a “child of the deceased” would be his or her biological or adopted child under age 18.

The child is not considered to be the child of the deceased if he or she was placed in that person’s home for his or her care.

When is the child no longer entitled to receiving an orphan’s pension?

The child is no longer entitled to receiving an orphan’s pension if that child enters marriage or is not attending school or an institution of learning. The applicant must, at all times, provide APS with official annual notification of school attendance.

How much can the surviving child expect in orphan’s pension benefits?

Orphan’s pension benefit is divided over all of the financial dependents of the deceased participant, in the event that there is more than one dependent.

A maximum of 14 percent per child of the amount in senior’s pension benefit is available for orphan’s pension benefits, for the financial dependents of the deceased participant.

How is application made for orphan’s pension?

An application for orphan’s pension must be submitted to APS, as soon as possible after the passing of the parent. The applicant should be represented by an adult parent or caretaker if he/she is a minor age. A request for orphan’s pension should include the following documents:

  • request form provided by APS and filled out by the applicant (or surviving parent or caretaker)
  • death certificate of the deceased parent
  • proof of residence (issued by the civil registry / census bureau)
  • orphans’ birth certificate(s)
  • Respective documents in proof of studying at educational institutions, in case children over 18 years of age are students.

What happens after my orphan’s pension request is submitted?

After you file a request for pension benefits with APS, we will subsequently inform you of the progress of your application.

Once the orphan is collecting pension, APS must be informed if he/she has moved to another address, if he/she has stopped going to school, if he/she has entered marriage etc.

How is payment of orphan’s pension made?

To receive your pension payment, it is important that you keep a bank account. All pensions are transferred to a bank account of your choice. If you reside in the Netherlands, you will require an ING bank account. A surviving parent or caretaker must have a bank account, if the child is younger than age 18.

Calculation Example

Mr. X passed away while on active duty. He leaves behind a wife and one minor child who are each entitled to a widow’s and orphan’s pension benefit respectively. Seeing that Mr. X started working and paying into the pension fund from January 1, 1999, he would have been able to fulfill a total of 15 years and 6 months of active duty had he not passed away. His surviving wife and child are each entitled to 70% respectively 14% of the amount of pension benefits that Mr. X would have received had he not passed away.