APS has as mission to achieve the highest possible returns on the fund’s assets, with proportionate financial risks, thereby contributing to the welfare of the members of the pension fund by securing their future pension benefit.

For APS, it is important to:

1. Provide peace of mind to the active participants as well as those who formerly participated in the fund but are no longer employed. APS is committed to securing your pension benefits and to making sure that you will be able to receive such upon retirement. For retirees already enjoying pension benefits, it is important that you are confident that you will continue to receive such in a timely manner;
2. Provide a level of business service that exceeds expectations. Being proactive, anticipating situations and providing information, such as with this official website, are important elements in our service model;
3. Develop and implement a business model which allows for the proper execution of the pension plan and;
4. Implement cutting-edge knowledge, skills and working methods in our daily operations.