APS what we do

Allow us to welcome you the official website of APS, which is the Dutch abbreviation for ‘Algemeen Pensioenfonds Sint Maarten’ (General Pension Fund St. Maarten).

As you may know, Algemeen Pensioenfonds Sint Maarten (APS) was established as of October 10, 2010. It is one of the three legal successors to APNA, the former general pension fund of the Netherlands Antilles.

APS is now charged with the task of administering the pension of civil servants, teachers and employees of other government-related organizations in St. Maarten. We are guided by various legislation and regulations among which national ordinance “Pensioenlandsverordening Overheidsdienaren” (PB 1997, no. 312). As a young organization which had to be built from scratch, APS continues to overcome its challenges, reaching milestones, as we move forward.

Ever since the start of our operations, we have been implementing our core values. Being available to you, also online, is part of how we want to serve you. APS invites you to browse through our pages and find the information which you are looking for. We will be happy to update on our endeavors and remind you that we are now only a click away.

We can make our Pension Plans work for you. APS staff will look in to your current situation and can advise you so you improve or adjust to a secure future. Contact us, call us or make an appointment for a visit at our Head office.

Our Services


The senior’s pension allows you a monthly income once you have the reached the pensionable age (currently at 60). Participants are entitled to senior’s pension benefits for life. Click here to calculate your pension.


When a participant passes away, the surviving spouse (also referred to as a widow, if female, or widower, if male) is entitled to receive pension benefits.


Financial dependents of a deceased participant are entitled to receive an orphan’s pension. Dependents are classified as persons who were financially dependent on the deceased.


APS may pay benefits to people who cannot work because they have developed a physical or mental condition that is expected to be permanent. All participants over the age of 25 years are entitled to a disability pension once they meet specific criteria. 


An investment committee advises the APS board of directors on how to invest monies. APS advocates the achieving of the highest possible returns through prudent investments of the fund’s assets. Visit our investment website for more info.

Our team

APS is headed by a board of directors consisting of five individuals. Three of the board members are nominated representatives of the joint consultation body for civil servants, G.O.A. (1), the Corporate Governance Council (CGC) (2) and the pensioner’s association (3).

Another important body within the organization are the three member investment committee which contributes to the formulation of our investment policy and advises on investment opportunities for the fund.

Day to day management is  in the hands of the two member management team. The team consists of the director and adjunct-director. Within APS there are 3 departments:

  1. Pension Administration & Reporting
  2. Investment & Finance
  3. Staff & Support