APS is aware that you may still have questions pertaining to our services or any other related matter.
Rest assured that any and all questions are answered, providing you with peace of mind.
Some frequently asked questions are listed here.

How many years do I need to work to build up a complete pension?

You would need to work 35 years to build up a complete pension.

How much can I expect in pension?

The amount of pension to be received depends on your years of service. Once you have worked for 35 years, you can expect about 70 percent of your last salary, in the form of pension.

Who is responsible for payment of my monthly pension?

As of January 2012, the responsibility for these payments has been transferred from APNA to APS.

How are pension payments made?

To receive your pension payment, it is important that you keep a bank account. All pensions are transferred to a bank account of your choice and in your name. If you reside in the Netherlands, you will require an ING bank account.

When can I expect pension payments?

You can expect payment on the 20th of each month or the first working day after the 20th should that day not fall on a normal work day.

When will I receive a statement from APS?

You can expect to receive a statement once monthly. The statement will provide information on the gross and net pension amount and withholdings for wage tax, health insurance and other social premiums. At the end of each year you can also expect an “annual wage tax statement” which you can use when filing your taxes.

How can I let APS know of errors on my pension benefits statement?

You are kindly requested to review your statement and report any errors or changes in information to APS, by visiting our offices or calling us at telephone number: + (1721) 5430003

Will APS be withholding monies for other payments?

APS would withhold payments for other payments, once there is a legal basis to do so.

Who is entitled to widow(er)’s pension?

When an employee passes away, the surviving spouse (also referred to as a widow, if female, or widower, if male) is entitled to receive pension benefits. To qualify for pension benefits, a widow(er) must meet certain criteria.`

How do I apply for widow(er)’s pension?

In the untimely event of the passing of your wife/husband, you are requested to contact APS immediately to initiate your application process. Among the documents to be presented to APS will be a death certificate, marriage certificate and proof of residence (obtained at the census bureau / civil registry).

How much can you expect in widow(er)’s pension benefits?

70% of the amount in senior’s pension benefit is available for widow(er)’s pension benefits for the (former) spouse(s) of the deceased participant. The pension benefits for (a) former spouse(s) is deducted from the total of the widow(er)’s pension benefit.

When do I receive a widow(er)’s pension?

In the event a participant (both active employees, persons with deferred benefits and pension beneficiaries) passes away, the spouse of the deceased participant is entitled to widow(er)’s pension benefits for life. You can’t get any of the pension benefits if you were divorced from your husband or wife at the time of their passing.

How do I apply for disability pension?

There are two ways that you can apply for disability benefits.

1. Apply in person at the offices of APS or

2. Call our office number 1(721) 5430003 to make an appointment to file a disability or to set up an appointment for someone to take your claim over the telephone.


What happens after my disability pension request is submitted?

When we reach a decision on your case, we will send you a letter. If your application is approved, the letter will show the amount of your benefit and when your payments start. If your application is not approved, the letter will explain why and tell you how to appeal the decision if you do not agree with it.

When am I no longer entitled to receiving a disability pension?

If you do take a job or become self-employed, it is important that you tell us about it right away. We need to know when you start or stop work and if there are any changes in your job duties, hours of work etc.

Am I still entitled to the same pension if I have changed employment?

Employees may change employers and still add to their pension. As example we can mention the situation with teachers changing schools or employees leaving government service to work at a government owned company such as Telem and vice versa.

What sorts of changes in my personal situation should I pass on to APS?

You should inform APS of a marriage, divorce, passing of spouse, change of address, change of bank account etc.

Does APS pay out AOV?

APS does not pay out AOV. If you received an AOV-pension via APNA, you will, from now on, receive that pension directly from SZV.